My Special Valentine to My City and My Neighbours


The third week of November I celebrated my 64th birthday and all I could hear playing over and over in my head was Paul McCartney singing When I’m 64. And I realized I had just one opportunity in my lifetime to send you this unique Valentine. Smile.

2018 is also the 30th anniversary of being pushed inside my healing journey with the diagnosis first of stage four ovarian cancer. I was only 34 and had not even heard of ovarian cancer. More about that in a minute.

But first of all,  to all of you in and around Westmount, please enjoy Paul singing When I’m 64

When I get older losing my hair 30 years from now…. Did that three times… smile.

Will you still be sending me a Valentine? 

Birthday greeting?

Bottle of wine?

When I am 64!

So to celebrate being 64 and 30 overcoming years of living… not dying… Happy Valentine’s Day.

Love marilynn








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