Inside the Healing Journey crowd funder pre-launch

Inside the Healing Journey

A pre crowd funder launch for me to complete and publish my book Inside the Healing Journey


Two weeks after the initial diagnosis and surgery to remove a stage- four ovarian cancer in June 1988, my friend Kathy asked me, “If you only have one year to live, how are you going to live it?”

I smiled and told her emphatically, “I don’t have just one year left to live, but if I do, I’m going to live it living, and not dying!” I told her that the diagnosis of a life threatening cancer was not the first nail in my coffin.

That was 30 years and metastases to the lung, twice to the brain, a second primary in my bladder, and a grueling climb up the mudslide out of extreme brain damage, later.

I am writing this to ask  you to help fund me to finally write and self-publish my important book Inside the Healing Journey… a transparent and candid account of how… not that… I overcame the ordeal to being called healed… not in remission… and a great part of the brain damage resolved.

2018 is the 30th anniversary of my unplanned venture inside my healing journey. During those years I have written hundreds of pages of what would become my book, “Inside the Healing Journey”

Since the beginning of the new year, in addition to Around Westmount,  I have been working on completing the book and plan to self-publish it for a June launch.

The focus is truly on the “how” aspect — of what I did, and what I would do today — to navigate successfully through those five life threatening cancers and incapacitating side-effects.

Inside the Healing Journey is not just for those dealing with cancer but for anyone dealing with the diagnosis of a life threatening, debilitating or chronic illness and their care givers. A virtual GPS and necessary tools and encouragement written from a Judeo Christian perspective to navigate through the labyrinth of a healing journey towards the destination of restored wholeness.

My story is unique in that former McGill University oncologists neurologist Dr. Rolando del Maestro and gynecologist Dr. Gerald Stanimir both told me I am an anomaly. That I had a survival expectation of 3 per cent and a recovery expectation of 0 per cent and that for the ovarian cancer Dr. Stanimir in his career has seen only two ovarian cancer patients live 25 years or more beyond the original diagnosis. Dr. del Maestro has never seen anyone come back the way I have.

For me to make this important book a reality, I could really use your help, now that I am finally restored enough to complete it. So, in order to enable you, my readers and members of my community at large support the creation and publication of this book, I will be launching a Go Fund Me crowd funder campaign through Around Westmount in a few weeks. The goal is to raise $15,000 to cover the self-publishing costs of the book which will be distributed through my website  and immediately on

In order to maintain my voice in my story,  I am self-publishing, rather than going through a traditional publisher.

To simplify that if you would like to fund me now pre the crowd funder launch you could go to fund me

The funds raised through that campaign will be used to cover the costs of: writing, proof reading, editing, book design, cover design and artwork, and related materials and supplies. A small portion of those funds will be used to purchase a new computer able to carry the weight of writing a book. My techie tells me my computer needs to be replaced. Sigh…


As a subscriber to Around Westmount you will receive an announcement of the actual launch of the Go Fund Me campaign. Since I am a multitasker who gets easily distracted, I have decided that, until the book is complete, I will temporarily suspend the publication of Around Westmount.

Again, If you would like to sponsor the writing and publishing of the book before the launch, you can go to, fundme  link for which I thank you.


The last 30 years in recovery have been a long haul. Along the way, I have found healing and purpose in my role as a community investment specialist; making things happen through my community journalism, hosting events, and participating on the boards of organizations that make a difference.


It is now time for me to ask my community for support through this book funding campaign. I really hope I can count on you. I thank you in advance for any support you can give.

Warmest regards,

as always,


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