The Cacouna Caves and the Hidden Mural A spell binding time travel novel by former Westmount resident Barbara Burgess


This is a story that spans generations of former Westmount personalities, including myself. Too much fun.


Former Westmount resident Barbara Burgess recently published The Cacouna Caves and the Hidden Mural, a spell binding time travel novel. I met Barbara several years ago when we were writing a piece about her friend and my acquaintance former Westmount resident author and film maker Paul Almond… see accompanying article… Barbara and I have kept in in touch in spite of Paul’s passing. And tonight, as I am tying up the last ribbons of my final… for now… Around Westmount I received this from her. Smile.

The plot for The Cacouna Caves and the Hidden Mural.

Deanna Aynsworth’s older brother, Matthew, finds himself staring at a seventeenth-century painting of a sea captain who looks just like him. Then, before Deanna’s eyes, Matthew vanishes without a trace. A year later, still struggling with the fact that her brother has gone missing, Deanna decides to get away for the summer. She and her boyfriend, Justin, rent a room in a B&B near Cacouna village. They discover a seventeenth-century diary by Wasaweg, a young Mi’gmaq woman, who fell in love with a shipwrecked Frenchman in New France. She and Matthieu lived on Cacouna Island—until the day he, too, mysteriously disappeared. As Deanna reads Wasaweg’s journal, she finds consolation in the young Mi’gmaq woman’s perceptions and expression. Deanna also learns firsthand the uncanny truth of what really happened to her brother.


The book is dedicated to Paul Almond and he even has a cameo appearance in it (with Paul’s widow Joan Almond’s permission with whom Barbara is still regularly in touch with.)




In the book Barbara also found a way to mention Paul’s Alford Saga Series, Paul’s legacy of life in the Gaspe Barbara continues to promote… as always.

Barbara wrote the novel over four to five years and fact checked it with the Mi’gmaq and academicians although it is historical fantasy.

The story is set in two time periods, New France and modern day Quebec.

Barbara was interviewed about the book live on CBC in Quebec City last summer.  Paul had given Barbara feedback about it as she had begun writing it in 2013, two years before his death.



In true Westmount ex-patriot style, Barbara used Westmount artist Graeme Ross’s painting of Cacouna for the book’s cover.

The Cacouna Caves and the Hidden Mural is available in both paperback and kindle versions on

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