Positive Spaces: The encouragement and the expertise to get organized.


Professional organizer Sheindl Rothman’s enthusiasm for de-cluttering, organizing and making space livable again is contagious. Her mandate for her  business Positive Spaces is simple… to help people organize personal spaces… home or offices… so her clients can enjoy their lives more effectively and productively again. The most common comment she hears from clients as they are working together is “Oh… I have been looking for that.”

Not long after the former social worker took early retirement she began looking for ways she could still help people. Then it showed itself. A relative asked her if she could do a major organization in her home for her. Sheindl, who had never tried such a project, but is led by the mantra of the power of positive thinking, told her “Why not?”

Sheindl found the project so productive, rewarding and fun, she  studied and earned a certificate as a certified Professional Organizer with the Professional Organizers in Canada  www.organizersincanada.com

Sheindl deals with everything from “stuff” in basements and spare rooms, to paper, paper, paper and more in offices, to de-cluttering kitchens, dining and living rooms, and making bedrooms more comfortable by organizing, space, clothes closets, bureaus and even jewelry boxes.  She will home stage your house if you are preparing to sell. When you  move into your new home she is there to  help you unpack,  organize space and even hang you artwork and place decorative objects.

Preparing to  downsize ? She will help you to sort and pack, and even arrange for pick ups of giveaways.

Socially, Sheindl enjoys working with her clients who range from peers to senior seniors and overwhelmed young families., quilters artists, singers, teachers… any person who needs to take charge of their space.

Her before and after photos are impressive, and armed with a portfolio of testimonials from satisfied clients, Sheindl believes she can take on any organizing challenge a client may offer her.


As part of her three hour initial contract, $150, Sheindl and a client analyze, prioritize and make a plan for what needs to be organized. And then they get to work, either together with Sheindl helping the client make decisions, or by herself sorting and de- cluttering always leaving the final decision to the client.

For more information contact Sheindl at 514.882.3610 or sheindl@videotron.ca


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