A Century of NHL® Memories.: Rare Photos from the Hockey Hall of Fame



A Century of NHL® Memories.: Rare Photos from the Hockey Hall of Fame


When I first leafed through A Century of NHL® Memories.: Rare Photos from the Hockey Hall of Fame, my thoughts went to three personal NHL memories. When I was a little little girl during hockey season I would lay with my head in Daddy’s lap as we watched the game… him ardently, me enjoying the rhythm of the droning play by play sportscaster. Until the HABS scored and Daddy would jump up and yell “He scores!” and I would go flying like in a Charlie Brown show. Smile.

Years later I had the privilege to interview Jean Beliveau when I was writing about the closing of the Texan Restaurant, which, for those who don’t remember, was a diner frequented by players and fans located next door to the Forum on St. Catherine Street West. And of course he was the gentleman we all imagined him to be. Smile.

Decades later I had the opportunity to watch the game live from box seats at the Bell Centre. Too much fun. Too much culture.

“That is the purpose of publishing the book A Century of NHL® Memories.: Rare Photos from the Hockey Hall of Fame,” says Jim McRae, owner of Griffintown Media, who published the book. “For each person who reads it, holds it and leafs through it or owns it, it is meant to evoke their own personal memories of Montreal’s team and beyond.”

A Century of NHL® Memories.: Rare Photos from the Hockey Hall of Fame, was written by Phil Pritchard with Jim Hynes with a foreword by Lanny McDonald. The design of the coffee table style book was inspired by the classy elegance of the Hall of Fame’s photo collection, with the goal … no pun intended…  of presenting the photos in a museum-type layout to accentuate their beauty. The design is simple, clean and expansive, and is complemented with elements from hockey itself. Delving into the Hockey Hall of Fame’s collection was a dream come true for the hockey fans that published A Century of NHL® Memories; a rare privilege indeed. The biggest challenge, ultimately, was making the final selection from among so many great photos

A century after the first puck was dropped; NHL hockey has become a game of shared memories for families, cities and even countries. The book captures on rich pages not only the history but also the cultures of each era plus individual moments that become etched on the collective consciousness from the time they occur and passed down through generations. The greatest of these memories were caught on film and now in a stellar book.

In the hockey universe, the single-most important repository of memories is the Hockey Hall of Fame, where, along with the artifacts and memorabilia, are more than three million images that have been amassed over the decades and safeguarded as a national treasure. The Hall’s Photographic Collection includes nearly 1000 glass plate negatives and thousands of original photos, many of which have never been published or seen, until now.

A Century of NHL® Memories celebrates the league’s centennial by throwing open the doors to the Hall of Fame’s photo archives and unveiling some of its treasures. Snapped by legends of photojournalism like Lou and Nat Turofsky and Frank Prazak, and selected for their beauty and originality, or both, these 130 or so photos cast hockey’s heroes in a different light, take you into the heart of the action or reveal as much about the charm of an era as the game on the ice. Some will teach you something you didn’t already know. Others will make you smile.

Enjoy the memories.

(Admission, the above is my adaptation of the promo material I found while writing the article. I could not have written it so heartfelt.  Smile.)




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