Get a Head Start on the 2018 McIntyre Writing Competition

McEntyre Writing Competition – An Unexpected Kindness

The holidays are so busy … until it is just over. For those who go to school in Westmount, elementary of secondary grades one to 11, live in Westmount or are a member of a library in Westmount this could be a good time to get a head start on the annual McEntyre Writing Competition.

This year the theme is An Unexpected Kindness. The invitation to participate reads “Everyone needs a little kindness once in a while, and sometimes it is the unexpected act of kindness that can change the course of someone’s life. A simple smile can help to cheer up someone for no reason other than to make that person happy, and a smile can make us feel happy too!

A totally random act of kindness is something to treasure. It may cost nothing at all, but it does cost the person giving their time, and it is never wasted. A simple “Can I help you?”, or doing something nice for someone, may not sound like much, but it can make a world of difference to both people involved. We can find kindness in unexpected places, and while acts of unexpected kindness are great to give, they are equally great to receive.

Have you ever enjoyed an act of kindness that you didn’t realize you needed, or shown kindness to someone that wasn’t expecting it? Imagine a world where everyone chose to be kind. It can be something big or small, and it is even better if it was at a time when nothing was wanted in return!

We invite you to be inspired to write about your unexpected kindness for this year’s McEntyre Writing Competition.

Use your imagination! Be creative and remember, as always, to write about the theme in the context of community. Think of community not just as a town or neighbourhood, but as friends, family, teams, clubs, schools, libraries, work-places, places of worship, social movements, people living in different cultures, or others sharing our planet! You are welcome to write a story, poem, or an essay. What you write is up to you; the aim is to be creative!

Over the holidays you can think about what you are going to write or look for random acts of kindness in your family, friends or neighbourhood and start writing your entry that may win you an award. The deadline for submissions is  Friday, April 6, 2018 at 9 p.m.


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