Dogeaze: Professional Dog Walking Over the Holidays and More

Dogeaze: Helping you walk Your Dog over the Holidays and More

West end professional dog walker Robert O’Neill has one solution for making the holidays easier to get through. The turkey is in the oven, the gravy boat is out, the table is set including the candles… now what am I forgetting? Toby… my 95 pound Rottweiler Shepherd has to be walked … but it is snowing, and company is coming… oh what am I going to do?

Sound familiar?  Whether over the holidays or longer into the winter, Robert O’Neill is available to take your large or small dog for a quality half hour or hour walk once or twice a day.

Robert has been walking dogs in Westmount and NDG for 14 years. “I like walking dogs because it is a daily gratifying experience,” says Robert. “I enjoy getting to know each dog personally.”

Robert, who left a job in a local retail bookshop, decided to start his own business as a new venture. He walked with a dog trainer and learned about both dogs and how to best meet their walking needs. Presently he is available to walk dogs twice a day either as a lone dog or in a small group.

“Dogs are very social creatures who in many cases enjoy the camaraderie of being part of a pack.” A typical walk lasts one hour in which his dogs have an opportunity to walk through the parks and enjoy the sniffing opportunities on residential side streets. “It is important to me that they dogs have a good experience but are safe,”

Robert is available to walk dogs throughout the week mornings and late afternoons Monday to Friday including the holidays. For more information call 514. 485. 3948 or 438.931.9005.


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