Reykjavik Meets Helsinki, an exhibition of images by G. Scott MacLeod and Joe Donohue

MacLeod 9 Productions and Café de Mercanti, 6128 Monkland Avenue invite the community to enjoy Reykjavik Meets Helsinki an exhibition featuring oil paintings and drawings of Iceland by G. Scott MacLeod and photographs of Helsinki by Joe Donohue. The exhibition will open with a vernissage Thursday November 30, at Café de Mercanti from 6 to 8 p.m.

The works are based on MacLeod’s 2017 art residency at in Reykjavik Iceland and Donohue’s recent trip to Helsinki Finland. Both MacLeod and Donohue were inspired by the light and design in both Iceland and Finland and also by the Nordic social welfare system with universal health care and free education.

“The United Nations states that the Nordic countries are the most-developed countries on the planet and that their natural worlds and green energy policies are well in place. These facts are wise reflection for other nations as we move further towards the more dramatic effects of climate change. These paintings, drawings and photographs are a celebration and reminder of how better we can mind our society and planet,” explain the artists’ purpose for the exhibition.

G. Scott MacLeod is a multimedia artist in the truest sense of the term. A critically acclaimed painter and photographer whose work has been exhibited around the world, he is also a performing songwriter and recording artist. Born in Red Deer, Alberta, MacLeod’s family spent time in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia before relocating to Montreal, where he was educated in both English and French. His many-faceted career in the arts, along with his lifelong love of history and storytelling spurred an interest in documentary film making and animation. His work has reflected social, political and historical themes with an aim to promote education and accessibility to art and culture. MacLeod holds a BFA and a Master’s in Art Education from Concordia University. His artwork is in many permanent collections, including that of the National Gallery of Canada. He lives in Montreal. His work can be seen at

Joe Donohue is the man behind the lens captivating viewers with his stunning landscapes, cityscapes, and abstract experimental photography. From his hometown in Montréal, Québec, to what he considers his second home, Paris, France, Donohue’s photography leaves a lasting impression with astounding composition, beautiful use of colours, and intriguing subject matter.

Having completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Concordia University in Montréal, Donohue  went on to have his first photography exhibition in 1980. Since then, as his photos have diversified and grown, his work has been widely exhibited throughout North America and in Europe. His work can be seen at


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