Celebrating the Aline Gubbay Photo Archives at WHA December Social

Celebrating the Aline Gubbay Photo Archives at WHA December Social

The community is invited to join with the members of the Westmount Historical Association to celebrate the Aline Gubbay Photo Archives at the WHA December Social on Saturday, December 14 from 7 to 9 p.m. in Victoria Hall.

In summer 2017, the WHA began digitizing its entire photo archives. This year the association’s annual December social will feature the viewing of some of the images which are now inventoried, scanned, and conserved. The project was carried out with financial support from the City of Westmount and the Aline Gubbay Memorial Fund.

In her lifetime, the late Westmount historian Aline Gubbay was immersed in Westmount history both as an active member of the WHA, a photographer and and a researcher/writer who authored the quintessential history of Westmount in her book A View of Their Own. Now out of print, the book can be read and printed at and http://westmounthistorical.org/whawp/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/A-View-Of-Their-Own-the-Story-of-Westmount_1579.pdf

In 1994 Aline was very involved with the revitalization of the dormant Westmount Historical Association. She obtained accreditation for the WHA as a Quebec registered charitable organization. Under her guidance a lecture series was launched with invited speakers who are specialists in their fields. That initiative continues to be a major activity of the WHA today.

About the same time, the association’s informative newsletter, the Westmount Historian, began publication and continues to appear twice yearly.

Until the renovation of the Westmount Public Library in 1994-95, the WHA enjoyed the use of the Library’s tower room for its office. In 1998, the City of Westmount lent its support by providing space in the Library’s basement to serve as the Association’s office and archival storage space, where a growing collection of documents, photographs and memorabilia continues to be housed. The Archives was subsequently named the Hélène Saly Heritage Collection in honour of the late Dr. Hélène Saly, who managed the archives during their initial development and made an extraordinary contribution to the public’s knowledge of Westmount history. For more information westmounthistorical.org

Aline Gubbay

Aline Gubbay was born in Egypt and raised in England, where she trained at London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and subsequently launched a successful career as a portrait photographer. Marriage brought her to Canada, the raising of a family and new ventures, culminating in a Masters of Social Work at McGill University.

In the early 1960s she moved to her new permanent city, Westmount. A decade of service as a social worker was followed by a return to first loves: a second Masters, in Art History, and a career as a lecturer and author.

During her years as President of the Westmount Historical Association she contributed a regular column “Know your Westmount” to The Westmount Examiner.

Her M.A. thesis on public sculpture in Montreal was followed by a series of histories of the city, illustrated throughout with her photographs of its architecture and public monuments.

Publications include Montreal-The Mountain and the River; Montreal’s Little Mountain-A Portrait of Westmount (with Sally Hoof) and A Street Called The Main.



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