Saisons Lachine… an exhibition by artist Gilles-Michel Belisle

As his tribute to Lachine’s 135th anniversary celebrations, photographer/ artist Gilles-Michel Belisle will present his images at the exhibition Saisons from October 13 to November 12 at the Maison du Brasseur, 2901 boulevard Saint-Joseph in Lachine. Meet the artist at the vernisage, Friday, October 13 starting at 6 p.m.

The exhibition combines a body  of photographs taken over the past five years. A keen traveler, Gilles-Michel has journeyed the world, passionate about exploring new places and embracing cultures and distant horizons.

Recently, however, his eye has been drawn to more home based images  and the City of Lachine has become the focus of his camera. Particularly because unlike the many of the countries he has traveled, Lachine enjoys four seasons which gave him opportunity to capture the same image from four perspectives.

“I was inspired by the many changing faces of this enchanting city and its captivating life and radiance,”he says.

Lachine has lived through many significant events in the pages of the history of New Franc 350 years later,remains as pristine, as impressive. It is  not surprising that Gilles Michel Belisle chose Lachine as his home.” Lachine’s unique and fleeting light throughout all the seasons is an endless source of inspiration”.

For more information 514.634.3471.


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