Imaging Iceland: From Concordia to the North

As part of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture Concordia University program, former Westmount artist and documentary producer was one of four artists who gave presentations at Concordia University’s Imaging Iceland reception last week.

Imagining Iceland is an interdisciplinary round-table on the influence and impact of Iceland as place and as imaginary. Iceland is huge these days: from images of its jaw dropping terrain in the featured in the mega-hit Game of
Thrones, to the export of music stars such as Björk and Sigur Rós; from the country’s recovery from the 2008 economic crash (and withdrawal from the EU via a deliberately targeted tourist push, to its need to institute a ‘responsible tourist pledge’ as visitor numbers skyrocket to 1.6 million so far in 2017 . and this to a country of just 323,000 inhabitants.

Historic, beautiful, clean, safe and English speaking, Iceland seems destined to be an ideal visitor destination in our era of global strife and displacements. How can serious artists and scholars engage with Iceland and its people against this cultural backdrop?

Four Concordia University scholars and artists suggested how they have approached these issues. Matthew Anderson (Theological Studies),
Jessica Auer (Photography), G. Scott MacLeod (MA, Art Education) and Kathleen Vaughan (Art Education) presented their own work which looked at the question of how can serious artists and scholars can engage with Iceland and its people against its cultural backdrop.

They then together answered questions of the complexities and joys of working in Iceland.
Group discussion and reception to followed.

The Imaging Iceland program was the first of this year’s “Iceland” events that will culminate in  a June 2018 field school

The first of this year’s “Iceland” events, leading up to a June 2017 field school at the Icelandic Textile Centre in Blönduós. For more information

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