POSTPONED Westmount Library Celebrates New Spaces with Open House




The community is invited to celebrate the Westmount Public Library’s completed renovations and its new spaces at a special open house, Saturday, September 16 from 10 a.m. to noon. Coffee and pastries will be served in the Westmount Room.



“A gentle update of some of the spaces was necessary in order to respond to the new realities of the environment expressed by our users. They currently use the library as their third place where spatial organization is more flexible and adapts to different uses, populations and technologies,” said Julie-Anne Cardella, Director of the Library and Community Events.

The library was closed for three weeks  so important renovations including refreshing its interior while preserving its heritage. Work spaces were improved and the carpet was replaced.

The purpose of the changes was to meet the need for increased seating and to offer a naturally-lit reading room so that the library remains at the heart of the City’s cultural life.

“The Library is such an integral part of our community, that this investment is key to making sure our residents can continue to enjoy this very special place,” said Mayor Christina Smith.

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