Are You On the Voters List For the Upcoming Municipal Election?


As most of us know, municipal elections will held in cities across the province on Sunday, November 5 . In the city of Westmount that means electing a mayor and eight city councilors.

But are you on the electoral list of voters? If you have recently moved into Westmount you may not be. This election the province is not enumerating residents, so it is incumbent on you, the voter, to make certain you are on the list and. if not, to register.

In addition if you are an  elector who does not live in the municipality, but who is the owner of an immovable business or the occupant of a business establishment situated on the territory of the municipality you must transmit a signed writing to the municipality asking to have your name added to the list of electors.

The unspecified cut off date is drawing close after which you will not be able to add your name if you are not on the list, resident or business owner. If you have doubts, or would just like to confirm, go to or phone

1-888-ÉLECTION (1-888-353-2846)

We are blessed In Canada to have the right to vote. Please make certain you have secured that right, and then exercise it.


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