The Social and Cultural History of the Telegram at Atwater Lunchtime Series

On Thursday,  September 14 from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. the Atwater Library Lunchtime Series will feature  historical researcher and writer Mark Gallop who will examine the social and cultural history of the telegram that is filled with stories of wars and shipwrecks, weddings and funerals.

photo credit: Montreal Historical Photos Facebook Group

For over a century telegrams were the dominant means of sending time-sensitive news. Mark Gallop became interested in their history while using them for genealogical studies.

Mark has always had a passion for historical and archival studies so when the opportunity for early retirement from his profession as a portfolio investment specialist presented itself in he jumped at the opportunity to do what he really wanted to do.

The Atwater Library is a comfortable venue for him to present the interesting topic: he is a former board member and past president.

For more information, contact: 514-935-7344

The Atwater Library Lunchtime Series

The Atwater Library Lunchtime Series operates from September to June. Weekly it features presentations  about timely and interesting… and often hot off the press… subjects presented by relevant by  relevant leading writers, musicians, intellectuals, scientists, and many more people who generously share their knowledge and experience with the Atwater Library community.

I do not know how she does it, but Atwater Library and Computer Executive  Director Lynn Verge has her finger on the pulse of what is happening locally and nationally… and sometimes internationally …and manages to book them for the Lunchtime Series before the community at large even knows it is an item. Kudos and thank you , Lynn.

Lunchtime Series events usually take place on Thursdays (but sometimes are on other days), from 12:30 to 1:30 pm. Admission is free though they do appreciate donations! Everyone is welcome and coffee and biscuits are served




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