Westmount Community Theatre Dramatis Personae Seeking Actors

Dramatis Personae, Westmount’s Community Theatre. is seeking actors for a few openings for its Fall session. While all people with a passion for theatre are welcome to audition, the theatre is particularly looking for youngish male actors who will enjoying performing lovely romantic parts in Shakespeare’s comedies.

Rehearsals for the Fall session are held every Monday from 7:30 to 10 p.m. in Victoria Hall beginning Monday, September 11 for a  production in December.

This year  Director Christopher Moore is planning to present scenes from Shakespeare’s comedies. For more information contact Ann or Eli at

514.484.2016 or conros@sympatico.ca For more information about Dramatis Personae got to www.theatrewestmount.com

Dramatis Personae – a brief history

Dramatis Personae was founded in 1985 by Ann Page as an independent theatre group based in Westmount with a collective, decision-making membership.

The first presentation 1985  to 87  was performed in the auditorium of Atwater Library. The following year Sally Aitkens brought Dramatis Personae under the auspices of the recreational and cultural programme of the City.

From 1987  to 1993, directed by Ann Page, the theatre group  performed at Victoria Hall, both in Lodge and Concert Hall, in the park and once in the Library. In 1989 Sally Aitken wrote  “Your work is making a very important contribution to the cultural life of Westmount.”

Ann Page left for Toronto in 1993. Although in a letter to Sally Aitken she noted sadly that “the recreation department is not too interested” the Westmount community theatre group continued from 1993 through 1997 as a class run by the City, but low  participation resulted  in the City offering a smaller rehearsal space without a paid director. In response the the group hired its own professional director, Jacqueline Van der Geer, who recruited energetically and successfully reinvented themselves as Westmount’s Community Theatre.

Jacqueline directed the community theatre from 2007 to 2015. In Fall of  2015 Christopher Moore. formerly Artistic Director of Persephone Productions. took the position of  Director of Dramatis Personae.

The group has flourished artistically in the past 10 years and has performed some challenging plays. Support comes  through membership fees and small donations from audiences. It has invested in light, sound and staging systems and found a way to create a raked audience using risers made by one of the cast.

Including the director and a sound and light technician, the group’s numbers vary between 11 and 18, with 12 actors being the ideal number. They are a cooperative group and everybody pitches in to help with tasks like costumes and publicity.

Today Dramatis Personae is a not-for-profit group funded by membership fees and generous donations from our audiences.   Actors are a diverse group from all walks of life and welcomes new members.  It is helpful to have some acting experience, but enthusiasm is even more important and the theatre group is always seeking people with a variety of creative or organizational skills.

Typically the group produces two shows each year. The Fall Production is a series of short plays tied together under some common theme.  This allows all members, new and old, to have a central role in at least one of the short plays.  The Spring Production is a full-length play. 

For more information 514.484.2016 or conros@sympatico.ca For more information about Dramatis Personae got to www.theatrewestmount.com

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