Sound Installation Bercer le temps in Westmount Park


The community is invited to come out and enjoy the fun and interesting sound installation Bercer le temps on Thursday and Friday, August 24 and 25, from  3 p.m. to 8 p.m. in Westmount Park.

Earlier this month the community was invited to share memories of  lullabies that enhanced their nights at a sing along at the Gallery in Victoria Hall, while  song seekers Sarah Dell’Ava and Ilya Krouglikov collected the sound data for their artistic project, the sound installation Bercer le temps. That installation is complete and Westmounters will have the opportunity to enjoy the sound of the rocking chairs brought to life.

The installation is presented by the Conseil des arts de Montreal en tournée and the City of Westmount. Info: 514.989.5226

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