City of Westmount launches Canada Day Festivities with Citizenship Ceremony

The City of Westmount launched its  Canada Day celebrations by looking first at what the day really means. A very special Canada Day  Citizenship Ceremony at was held at the Westmount Recreation Centre followed by a barbecue reception. The ceremony could not be photographed but it looked something like this as the participants read their oaths of Citizenship.

The City of Westmount Citizenship Ceremony was one of 55 special ceremonies held across Canada to celebrate Canada Day 2017. The ceremonies welcome new citizens and highlight the rights and responsibilities of Canadian citizens. The judge emphasized our heritage as a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy.

After the ceremony the new Canadians looked something like this 

or this

They are proudly carrying Citizenship Certificates that look like this

This was the first Canada Citizen Ceremony hosted by the City of Westmount. Several years ago The Rotary Club of Westmount hosted a similar event in Victoria Hall in which Canadian citizens were invited to renew their vows, even if they were born in Canada, along with the new Canadians. Something to think about in these turbulent times.

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