The Saga of Murdo MacLeod and His First Contact with the Abenaki Graphic Novel at Porch Fest celebration in NDG

A Brief Canadian History and MacLeod 9  hosted by by musician, artist and documentary film maker  G. Scott MacLeod was one of the presentations at last week’s Porch Fest a unique celebration of music, drama and art.

A Brief Canadian History is a multi-media music performance designed to celebrate and promote a deeper awareness of First Nations and Canadian art, culture and history. The performance brings a fresh focus to the historical importance of the people and events that have shaped our Native and Canadian histories.

The Saga of Murdo MacLeod and his First Contact with the Abenaki

Synopsis: Expelled from their land on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland, Murdo MacLeod and his clan are given passage as ballast on a timber ship bound for Lower Canada. It is the late 1830s. Those who survive the voyage arrive in Quebec City with nothing more than axes in hand and speaking only Gaelic amongst the French and English population. With winter fast approaching, they find their only hope for survival in the hands of an unlikely ally.

Within the huge diversity that is modern-day Canada, all non-aboriginal people share an immigrant history. For some, the stories are fresh. For many others, the struggles of distant ancestors have long been lost through the passage of time. In The Saga of Murdo MacLeod, the first film in his animated series on Canada

Raising awareness about First Nations, their culture, their music and their struggles

Scott is seeking financial support to create a graphic novel that tells the story of his Scottish ancestral roots and homes. This work is based on a story by award winning Irish teller Mike Burns and Scott’s award winning film The Saga of Murdo MacLeod and his First Contact with the Abenaki.  The graphic novel will be targeted to youth and schools to open up conversations and learning around First Nations and immigration issues.

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