Finally a Bike Fitting System that Fits Your Bicycle to Your Body

When I was a kid we used to just buy and ride our bikes. We made our bicycle choices based on colour and size, seats and bells. But now that cycling has become a sport, cyclists are making more informed decisions about purchasing bicycles off the rack the same way as they purchase business suits off the rack without benefit of a tailor . Or having a bicycle designed or tailored just for their fit.  Until now.


Recently Martin Stamp, owner of Martin Swiss Cycles, 313 Victoria Avenue, installed Quebec’s first Shimano Bike Fitting System, a sophisticated system that uses two fitting processes to create a personalized profile of a bicucle that fits your body. Not surprisingly the bike fitting system is a product of, a subsidiary of Shimano Dynamics Lab,  based in The Netherlands where bicycling is part of the tapestry of its culture.

The bike fitting system literally takes your specific body and performance measurements and gives you a print out of what a tailored bicycle of the most common bike types…  mountain, road, hybrid, or city/commuter …makes sense for you, your needs and your goals.

Basically, the cyclist sits in shop on a stationary bike that measures and and analyzes everything from personal fit, to pedaling, seat height,the length of the stem… from the handle bars to the seat… and more.For more precise specifications go to  The process takes some time so cyclists are tested by appointment with trained system analyst Stephen 514-488-9717 or

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  • May 30, 2017 at 1:18 pm

    Just read your write up for my fitting system .Thank you .Still in the UK back in a weeks time.


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