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When I first met Dean Winters, a smart home integrator with Homesync, a few weeks ago, I had heard about smart homes, but, like the features of smart phones, I had no idea that wiring your home, condo or even your cottage with a home automation system could make such a difference in the day to day experience of living in my nest by streamlining and simplifying all the technology.

I can only imagine the convenience of not having to go through the myriad of remotes to turn down the volume on the television to take a phone call. Or the ease of turning up or down the volume of the stereo when I have friends for dinner or when a particular favourite song comes on. Or to pause a movie…. all with one universal remote.

He told me I don’t necessarily have to purchase expensive devices, but could use any one of an expanding range of touch screen based smart phones, personal media players, and tablet devices.

With the same remote, or even a simple a light switch like keypad, I could regulate when the lights go on or off, manage the temperature of my home, even when I am traveling, and even control when my blinds open and close during the day to keep my plants happy in the sun or the shade.

I wouldn’t have to dig around for the remote to open the garage door when I get near home, nor be concerned about remembering to set the outside lighting.

Through my Wi-Fi or 3G/4G mobile network connection, Homesync can provide the wireless control from anywhere in the world using the one device that goes everywhere with me.

He explained how when I go to the cottage that has been wired with a home automation system, I could ensure it is a perfect temperature when I arrive. The lights are on and even the music is playing.

Dean explained Homesync is not a one size fits all wiring system, but works with each client to first understand their needs and then develop a personalized home automation solution that works for the client. That solution can be easily wired into the existing space, and can even be used to create a formerly unused space. The team at Homesync took a dusty old unused attic and wired it into a home theatre.

In Westmount, where many of the houses are historic if not heritage, I asked if those could be wired. Dean explained Homesync had wired a 100 year old home in Westmount and even documented the process on a blog

For those who are in the process of building a home or condo, the process of installing a home automation system is even simpler. Homesync works with the developer to wire the space as it is being built… totally personalized and totally planned.

For seniors who have chosen to remain in their homes, Homesync can offer a system that will simplify issues like remembering to turn off the lights, to lock the front door and even remind them if they forgot to close the garage door. I wonder if it can remind you if you have not turned off the stove?






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