Belles demeures historiques de l’île de Montréal

On Thursday, April 27 at 12:30 pm the Atwater Library Lunchtime Series, Atwater Library, 1200 Atwater Ave., will feature author François Rémillard and photographer Brian Merrett who will present a look at their recently published book  Belles demeures historiques de l’île de Montréal.

In his preface, historian and retired professor in art history at the Université du Québec à Montréal,  Michel Lessard, Ph.D., wrote “This is the moving and original walk that the art historian François Rémillard and the photographer Brian Merrett propose to us. No one has ever so eloquently presented our metropolis, making the domestic architecture of power and financial success through the ages smile.

“Belles demeures historiques de l’île de Montréal was written to commemorate both the 375th anniversary of the founding of Montreal and the 150th anniversary of Confederation. It includes 40 of the most beautiful historic homes on the Island of Montreal, in addition to portraying the lifestyles of the persons who resided in those homes. The architecture of the exceptional houses, literally works of some of the country’s greatest builders, is carefully documented through 250 previously unpublished color photographs of both the exteriors and interiors created for the book.

Through their research and photographs the authors have been able to open up many homes previously inaccessible to the public. Readers experience through the photographs of the extraordinary residences, the history of the Montreal and Canadian history, while experiencing a way of life of days gone by described in its opulent fashion.

As always admission is free although donations are always graciously accepted. Light refreshments will be served and participants are invited to bring a bag lunch. For more information 514.935.7344

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