Welcome to Around Westmount, Issue Five

Hello again, and welcome to Around Westmount www.aroundwestmount.com Issue five. This issue we are looking at the sale of Westmount’s historic Hillside Armoury, the stepping down of Westmount Mayor Peter Trent, anniversaries, events and calls for action. If you do not have a copy, the back of my Regards, Marilynn business card reads “Encouraging you to get involved in your life and you community. There is so much here to get involved… and more. My theme is friends, food and fun. Enjoy!

Historic Hillside Armoury Sold

Restaurant Copoli Westmount Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Discount for Around Westmount Readers

Film and Exhibit: The Battle of Vimy Ridge

Saying Thank you to Mayor Peter Trent… an editorial

Westmount Municipal Association recognizes Mayor Peter Trent Accomplishments

Choosing Westmount’s Interim Mayor

Special Tree Distribution

“Seeing Canada Under a Microscope”

Raising our Kids in a Complex World

WHA: Women Volunteers in Westmount During World War II

The Climate Cafe: Westmount Green a review

Summer Concert Series Call for Submissions

Gallery at Victoria Hall Call for Projects

Call for Nominations for WMA’s annual Derek Walker Volunteer of the Year Award

music in Nashville!

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