Generations Foundation: Teaching Roslyn School Grade Six Students Healthy Eating by Example at Provigo

“It is important that kids know where food comes from and how it is prepared. That it doesn’t just appear on their plates.,” says Adrian Bercovi, director of Generations Foundation. “And it its important for them to have the information so they can learn to make healthy choices about what they eat.”

For that purpose, Generations Foundation sponsored 72 grade six Roslyn School students to enjoy a day of hands on learning at cooking classes held at  Provigo Cavendish,  6600 Saint-Jacques Street Ouest, this week.

Students began their adventure in each of the three all day events in the fully installed  kitchen classroom. Grace Lodico,  community liaison responsible for culinary schools,  gave  a mini course in nutrition including the different food groups. and why it is so important to eat healthy food.

Grace had prepared a menu of recipes using not only items from the food groups but also ingredients such as vegetables, pita bread, cheese and yogurt,  and other items they already have as staples  in their homes. She put the kids to work making their own wraps, and lettuce wraps. pizza and  even a nutritious dessert. And while some were anxious about the whole process of preparing food, Grace quickly dispelled their fears as she showed them how easy it is to make easy nutritious and delicious food. And they knew what they had prepared  was delicious because  they got to eat and enjoy them.

The concept of taking students to the store to learn about nutrition and see it prepared  is Adrian’s initiative he started last school year to get the students more involved in food choices. He worked with LInda Butt, Roslyn school physical education teacher to organize the three days of off site learning. “This is the first time we have participated in this project and the kids enjoyed it” said  Linda, who is all about nutrition and health. “And I liked that it happened just as we are going into March which is Nutrition Month.”

Generations Foundation is the charity  that daily serves hot nutritious meals and snacks to 8400 kids in 120 schools and learning centres on the island of Montreal. The organization is corporate and private donation driven… it does not receive government sponsorship. As I write this it is preparing for two major fund raisers; a theatre evening at the Segal Centre in the spring, and the Scotia Bank Charity Challenge April 22 to 23 . More to come. For more information about the theatre event phone Adrian at 514.933.8585 or email To  sponsor the walk  phone Mary at 514.213.0249


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