Memories of Westmount: Exercises in Oral History

Professional oral historian Dr. Sharon Gubbay Helfer will launch the winter series of The Westmount Historical Association when she speaks her presentation Memories of Westmount: Exercises in Oral History on  Thursday, February 16, from 7 to 9 p.m. in the Westmount Room, the Westmount Public Library, 4574 Sherbrooke St. West


The series highlights the importance of interviews in learning about people, places, and events of the past. February’s lead lecture features Westmount resident and professional oral historian Dr. Sharon Gubbay Helfer, who has been involved in oral history projects for decades. These include a study of the St. Andrew and St. Paul Church for Laval University, an exploration of the once-vibrant life of 11 small Jewish communities for the Ontario Jewish Archives, a major study of Montreal Life Stories at Concordia University and video-biographies of private individuals including Westmounters and former Westmounters. Sharon’s talk will give an overview of her adventures in oral history and of the passion for oral history that animates her work.

Subsequent WHA talks will include interviews and correspondence which give insight into the life of a young pilot killed in World War II, Westmount women’s memories of the home front during that war, and the homes built by developer T.C. Bulmer.

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