Westmount artist Ann McCall exhibition C’est L’hiver at the Victoria Hall Gallery

The Gallery at Victory Hall will exhibit C’est L’Hiver, the works of Westmount artist Ann McCall, from January 26 to February 24. The gallery will also host a Meet the Artist and Gallery Curator event on Monday, February 6 starting at 7 p.m., an opportunity to meet Ann McCall and gallery curator Victoria LeBlanc.

For almost 40 years Westmount artist Ann McCall has been passionate about printmaking. Over half that time in the medium of screen printing. In the last 15 years she has focused on the medium of collagraphy, in which a collage of materials are glued on to a “printing plate.

As she explains on her website, since the beginning of her printmaking career, the imagery of the prints has been nature-based. This preoccupation continues, but starting in 2009 in the series Nature découpée, there is more of a concern for the fundamental details found in nature and less concern for the overall rendering of landscape. It is more of a reductive approach. Now, in her current series Arboreal, a new development towards the land and landscape is being investigated. The overall perspective continues to be recognition of the beauty and force of nature.

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